I've had the good fortune to work with superb people, from whom I have stolen most of the ideas I pass off as mine. I've got a list of lit and comp colleagues as long as my arm who have taught me many things. On the tech end, the list is smaller, so I'll mention Ron Yoder at EKU and Paul Jones (yes, THAT Paul Jones, one of the original gods of the web) at UNC, ibiblio, and the Internet Poetry Archive.


I'm an Associate Professor of English at Georgia Southern University. My field here is postcolonial literature and Irish Studies. My graduate work was in 20th-century poetry, but we all move on and enlarge our scope when we hit the classroom. I work closely with Georgia Southern's Center for Irish Studies, and am a member of the Board of Directors for the South Asian Studies Association. I also edit a journal, Exemplar: The Journal of South Asian Studies.


I'm a graduate from UNC Chapel Hill with a doctorate in English Literature. One of the most important things UNC taught me was to prepare for a job in another field, hence my work in HR, computers, and tech writing. I have toiled at these electronic fringes of academia, where I fell into designing web sites and doing service like assessment.