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Murals have marked territory and served as expressions of cultural and political identity in Northern Ireland for the last century.

In 1994, brothers Tom and William Kelly and their friend Kevin Hasson joined together as The Bogside Artists. The artists personally experienced the unfolding of the Northern Irish ‘Troubles’ during their lifetimes and ultimately united to express the struggle for civil rights in their community through public art. While the group continues the Ulster tradition of using the mural for social commentary, The Bogside Artists stand alone in their efforts to utilize this medium in cross-community workshops involving Protestants and Catholics to advance the peace and reconciliation process in Northern Ireland.

Working with The Bogside Artists, the Georgia Southern University Museum along with faculty curators from the Center for Irish Studies and the University Honors Program have developed a traveling exhibition entitled From Protest to Peace: Murals by The Bogside Artists of Northern Ireland. The exhibition features murals created by The Bogside Artists along with a series of interpretative panels that provide a balanced presentation of the history and politics of Northern Ireland.

The murals have been digitally reproduced courtesy of Dr. Martin Melaugh, Director, Conflict Archive on the Internet, University of Ulster, Magee Campus, and are formatted on visually striking fabric panels.

It is our intention that From Protest to Peace: Murals by The Bogside Artists of Northern Ireland travels the world so that the story of The Bogside Artists and the Northern Irish struggle for civil rights can be told.

Bob Frigo, Curator
Dr. Steven Engel, Curator
Dr. Howard Keeley, Curator