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The Bogside Artists    



Exhibition Materials:

  • Eleven 66" W x 96" H freestanding fabric mural panels with separate descriptive labels.
  • Six 32" W x 84" H freestanding interpretive panels:
    • History of Northern Ireland
    • The City of Derry and the Bogside
    • The Mural in Northern Ireland
    • The Troubles
    • The Peace Process
    • The Bogside Artists
  • One 32" W x 84" H freestanding introductory panel.
  • One 72" W x 60" H freestanding fabric panel of the Free Derry Corner.
  • DVD with 25 minute documentary:
    The Bogside Artists
    (Player and monitor to be provided by host institution)

Installation Requirements:

  • Gallery space of approximately 1200 square feet.
  • Ceiling height of at least 8½ feet.
  • Gallery space should not have extreme fluctuations in temperature, humidity, or lighting. Reasonable supervision/security should be provided.
  • Exhibition cannot be installed outdoors or in a temporary building or structure.
  • Secure, clean, dry storage must be provided for crates and packing materials.